Help! RSO Edibles Dosage Math


This is sort of a follow up to my prior post: RSO strain recommendation for chemo effects

I ended up getting the Harlequin 1:1 RSO which is: 1 gram, 36.34% THC and 41.84% CBD

as well as the Full Spectrum RSO which is: 1 gram, 82.2% THC, 0% CBD

I found tons of edibles calculators online, but I’m unsure if these work for RSO. The containers say that I should have 200 “doses” in each syringe, so I’m nervous that if I make 50 candies, they are going to give him a panic attack! Is there an alternate way to calculate dosage for edibles if you are using RSO?

If it matters, I bought candy melts in a few different flavors and some candy molds. My hope was for each candy to be in the 5-15 mg range so he can work his way up one candy at a time until he finds a dose that works for him.

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