Pennsylvania House Approves Amendment to DUI Law That Would Decriminalize Trace Amounts of Medical Cannabis


The Pennsylvania House approved an amendment to the state’s DUI law Oct. 21 that would decriminalize trace amounts of medical cannabis in a driver’s system, according to a Pittsburgh City Paper report.

The state’s current DUI laws criminalize driving while THC is in a driver’s system, even if it has been weeks since ingestion, and even if a driver is a registered medical cannabis patient, the news outlet reported.

The legislation passed the House in a 109-93 vote, and would decriminalize trace amounts of cannabis in a driver’s system if the driver is a legal medical cannabis user, according to the Pittsburgh City Paper.

The bill also clarifies that an individual may not drive under the influence of a controlled substance with the exception of “marijuana used lawfully in accordance with the act of April 17, 2016, known as the Medical Marijuana Act,” the news outlet reported.

The legislation now heads to the Senate for consideration.

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