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Whatsup guys. I need help. So I have two mother plants, that sprouted in August, so they are two and a half months old. They are huge. Ive been cloning them too. Early November our daylight hours get to 14hrs (southern hemisphere). Theyve been in a room with autos running 20/4 and currently at 18/6.. I have a hugggee hole that im wanting to throw the one mother into to create a monster.. my only worry is that im scared she will flip! So im planning on dropping the hours in the room slowly down to 16/8 (dont want to go lower than 16 because the autos are in mid flower! Will that be enough to prevent the mothers and clones from flipping when brought out. Will i need to get some sort of spotlight to shine on them to prevent the flip. If so, how strong does it need to be. And how long should in run for if November is 14/10 – 14.5/9.5 hours.. Cheers, thanks in advance!

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