NJ CAN 2020 Enlists Help of New Jersey Governor in Campaign’s Efforts to Support State’s Cannabis Referendum


New Jersey voters will decide whether to legalize adult-use cannabis this fall, and with just over two weeks until Election Day, NJ CAN 2020 is ramping up its campaign efforts to support the referendum, enlisting the help of Gov. Phil Murphy and Sen. Nicholas Scutari.

Murphy and Scutari, who have long supported legalization in the state, joined NJ CAN 2020 for a live panel discussion Oct. 8 on what a “Yes” vote means for New Jersey (see below video).

“Gov. Murphy has been an outspoken proponent for this since he’s been elected and prior to being elected, and he’s been full-throated behind this effort to get this ballot question passed,” Bill Caruso, an attorney with Archer & Greiner and a member of NJ CAN 2020, told Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary. “A million people have already voted in New Jersey. Having the governor come out when he came out, after vote-by-mail ballots arrived in New Jersey, is important.”


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