Soilless Substrate Researchers Seek Grower Input


A multi-disciplinary team of seven North American universities and federal laboratories, led by Dr. Jeb Fields at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, is seeking input from growers and growing media manufacturers/suppliers across the continent, representing multiple sectors and demographics, to identify needed innovations and constraints when producing specialty crops with soilless substrates.

The United States Department of Agriculture Specialty Crops Research Initiative awarded the researchers a planning grant, which the group plans to use to reimagine and redefine soilless substrate science to better meet the expanding range of crops and productions systems that are transitioning from traditional field soils into soilless substrates. As part of the planning grant, the researchers are seeking input from the industry to assess critical research and outreach needs that can be solved with the use of soilless substrates. 

The goal of the 5-minute survey is to determine the needs, cost restraints, material availability, and overall sustainability to ensure successful paths forward for each crop sector and within emerging markets, including cannabis and hemp. Growers who are interested in providing input can participate in the online survey

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