Have I Missed the Boat?


I appreciate any/all help in advance, here’s my short & sweet rundown…

I used to be a daily smoker, normal friendly college stuff, smoked/vaped here and there a few years afterwards. I had a friend get me a cartridge (THC) and it lasted me over a year…one or two hits on random nights.

I received a diagnosis recently and without getting into it, I want to approach things holistically. On top of that, vaping the cartridge has helped immensely with other health issues. My cartridge is finished, and every resource I could turn to before is either no longer smoking, not around, etc. So now, something that I thought would be no problem is actually very difficult. Even doing some social “asking around” turned up zero results.

So it seems pretty evident to me that things have changed a lot in the 2 years I’ve been inactive.

So my question is…has everyone turned to getting things legally from dispensaries? I’m really trying to find out what my options are. I remember people saying to avoid getting a medical card to stay off the grid, but I’m guessing things have changed.

I really appreciate any and all feedback, and please feel free to private message me. I live in Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia.

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