Did THC Oil Help Me Lose 13 Kilos?


I’ve done little research into this topic, so extremely open to ideas.

Short version: For five months, I’ve been consuming THC oil every afternoon and evening. I eat way less now, feel hungry was less, and have lost 13 kilos (28lb) over the five months.

Longer version: I’m 32, have a pretty blessed life generally. I’ve always loved weed, but always found that smoking it would send my life off the rails a bit. I’ve been off it for years.

A coworker started making THC oil, and I’ve been taking it every afternoon or evening. I dose fairly inconsistently—just based on what my responsibilities are for the evening, if I’m driving, etc. But I’m a fairly heavy user, I reckon (3-4 drops made me VERY HIGH at first; now, I probably have 25 drops a night on average, and don’t feel SUPER high).

A side effect appears to be that I’m ONLY hungry when I’m high. Like, I have no appetite at all during the day, when I’m working. I can eat. I still enjoy food, mostly! But my appetite is minuscule.

This means I have a tiny snack for breakfast, and usually a pretty big combined lunch / dinner when I get home and the oil starts kicking in a bit (and, with it, my appetite).

This is, in effect, an intermittent fasting regiment.

I also seem to have no real hunger for sweet stuff, and find myself craving whole foods (this is weird—I’ve always loved pizza more than anything).

I’ve gone from 123kg to 110kg (I’m classified as ‘obese,’ but am also a big dude generally).

It’s been a really surprising effect of consistent oil use (along with an insanely increased sexual appetite, way better sleep, but some pretty significant issues with motivation at times).

It’s pretty great! I look better than I have in years. Shopping is easier. Yoga is easier and more enjoyable.

I’m not dieting at all, and I’m not working out more.

Anyone else had this kind of experience?

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